What does the Group Leader do?

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Key Responsibilities:

Promotion of the Inner Circle:

  - Actively promote the Inner Circle group within the Academy to draw in and retain a diverse membership.

  - Utilise the Monday Night Mastermind, The Inner Circle, Networking Dinners and the Group Chat to promote, spread awareness and highlight the value of attending your event.

Faciliate the meeting :

- Preparation: Review and familiarize yourself with the meeting agenda, script, and any special announcements prior to the meeting.

- Script Reading: Act as the Master of Ceremonies (MC) by confidently and clearly reading the prepared script, guiding attendees through the meeting's program.

- Time Management: Keep track of time to ensure the meeting flows according to schedule, allowing all speakers and segments to occur without rushing or overrunning.

- Coordinating Speakers: Introduce speakers or presenters in a respectful and engaging manner, ensuring smooth transitions between different parts of the program.

- Audience Engagement: Address the audience directly and maintain a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, encouraging participation and attention.

- Problem-Solving: Address unexpected issues promptly and with composure to maintain the meeting’s flow, making real-time decisions as needed.

- Liaise with Team Members: Work closely with the Group Leader and Secretary to coordinate efforts and ensure everyone is informed about the meeting's progress.

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